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[評論]對Leeds心得:噓聲是不能幫助 Arshavin 的

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 標題  [評論]對Leeds心得:噓聲是不能幫助 Arshavin 的
 時間  Tue Jan 11 15:44:32 2011

Leeds thoughts: Booing won’t help Arshavin
by GilbertoSilver

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Arsenal 1 - 1 Leeds (Snodgrass 54, Fabregas (pen) 90)
Highlights (http://goo.gl/n6Th6 ) | Arsene’s reaction (http://goo.gl/J3BrC )

The understudies failed to state their case…
Arsene made nine changes from the team that faced Manchester City on
Wednesday, giving an opportunity to squad members to give him one of those
pleasurably painful selection headaches.  In short, they didn’t.  The only
outfield starter who can look back on this performance with pride was Johan
Djourou, who continues to look our best central defender - until Thomas
Vermaelen returns, of course.
教授 做出和上次對 Man City 的陣容極大的改變,於週三輪換了九名球員,給他們機會
以自己表現為傲的就只有 Johan Djourou,在 Thomas Vermaelen 回來以前都會是如此。

Denilson showed why he’s not a defensive midfielder…
Denilson 展示了自己不適合做防守中場的理由
…by giving away the penalty so cheaply.  It was interesting to see Cesc
Fabregas condemning the silly challenge after the game - hopefully Denilson
takes note.  Any half-decent holding midfielder needs to have either the
awareness not to stick out a leg in the box, or the ability to be certain of
making a clean tackle.  Denilson, as things stand, has neither.  I’m not
dismissing his value to the squad, but I’m not yet convinced he should be
playing an anchoring role.
藉由輕易送出一顆點球機會。令人感興趣的是,賽後看到 Cesc Fabregas 抨擊這次丟臉
的絆腳舉動,但願 Denilson 能謹記在心。即便是半調子,任何防守中場不僅需要注意
別在禁區伸腳絆人,並且要能果斷地清球。就這事而論,Denilson 不具備以上條件。我

Wojciech Szczesny kept us in the game…
Wojciech Szczesny 保住我們還能競爭
Having almost kept out the penalty, he then made an outstanding reaction save
to deny Luciano Becchio a headed goal which would have left us 2-0 down and
almost certainly out of the cup.  His distribution needs work, but there’s
no doubting his talent.
就在幾乎撲下點球後,他又做出漂亮的撲救,阻止可能導致我們以 2-0 落後並在足總盃
出局的 Luciano Becchio 頭球。他的貢獻還需要更多的比賽才能突顯出來,但他的才能

Tomas Rosicky has not scored in 24 appearances this season…
Tomas Rosicky 已經在本季24場未進一球
That is a quite extraordinary statistic for a player who has started 14
games, many of them in a position just off the striker.  It’s fantastic to
see Rosicky playing regularly and seemingly free of the hamstring problems
that dogged him for two years, but it’s hard to justify using him as the
advanced midfielder when he’s so consistently unproductive.  Aside from one
beautiful pass to release Arshavin early on, he contributed little.  He has
some fantastic qualities: a superb first-touch, good movement, and an
undeniable work ethic.  But is that enough to justify the thirty-year old
beyond this season?  Especially with younger options on the market?  We shall
得高興的是看見 Rosicky 經常上場,也看起來不再像過去兩年飽受肌腱傷病的影響,但
亮直傳給 Arshavin 而有單刀機會,他幾乎沒有貢獻。他有著極佳的能力:高超的一腳觸

Andrey Arshavin needs backing, not booing…
Andrey Arshavin 需要的是支持而非噓聲

I doubt this will be a popular part of the post, but here we go.

As I have already pointed out, there was barely an outfield player who put in
a good performance on Saturday.  Despite this, sat in the stands, you would’
ve thought the entire thing was Andrey Arshavin’s fault.  When a Bendtner
pass to him was overhit, it was the Russian’s fault.  When he missed a
one-on-one in the first half, the wannabe pundit behind me suggested:
的你們會想的就是:Andrey Arshavin 的缺點。當 Bendtner 傳給他的力道過大而未能接

        “He must’ve got into drugs or hookers or something.”

Fans love a scapegoat.  In the past it’s been Eboue, it’s been Bendtner,
and it’s been Adebayor.  At the moment, it’s Arshavin.
球迷喜歡找人來當代罪羔羊。過去曾是 Eboue、曾是 Bendtner、甚至 Adebayor。現在,
變成 Arshavin。

I’m not defending his performances.  But neither is he.  When you listen to
Arshavin talk about his performances, there’s no attempt to avoid
responsibility or shift blame.  He knows when he’s not playing well.
我並沒有要捍衛他的表現,他本人也是如此。當你聽到 Arshavin 提及自己的表現時,都

One of the reasons he is being castigated is for running over to the subs
bench when the board instead went up for ‘29′, and then later expecting to
be withdrawn for Vela.  I assume people believe this to be due to a
willingness to get off ASAP and collect his pay-cheque.
Vela 給換下去。我假設大家都認為這樣的舉動,是由於想要儘快下場並拿錢了事。

I have to say, I sincerely doubt that is true of a man who has been a top
level professional athlete for more than a decade.  He rightfully expects to
be substituted: no player has been taken off more in the Premier League this
season.  And, as I have already made clear, he knows he’s not playing well.
 This isn’t Adebayor, threatening to leave and then blaming the fans for
turning against him.  This is a guy who is way, way off his game.  And who,
despite that, scored and created two vital goals in the game at Wigan just a
week or so ago.
,他知道自己踢得不好。這可不是 Adebayor,曾要脅離開、接著抨擊球迷與他反目成仇
。這裡只是一位球員想要被換下去以結束自己踢不好的事實。儘管如此,一週前對 Wigan

Yes, he is a bit lazy.  He was lazy at Zenit, lazy for Russia, and lazy when
he was playing well at Arsenal.  He always has been, always will be.  If that
is your problem with him, I cannot help you.  It was there before this dip in
的確,他的表現有點兒懶散。在 Zenit 他也是如此,俄羅斯國家對亦是,甚至在 Arsenal

What wasn’t there before was the poor first-touch and bowed head.  Arshavin’
s game is based on confidence: on instinct and the willingness to try the
spectacular and predictable.  The poorer his form, the lower his confidence.
 The lower is confidence, the more erratic his game becomes.  Saturday, we
can only hope, was he nadir from which recovery begins.
過去從來都沒見過他會有如此差的觸球能力,甚至看到他垂頭喪氣。屬於 Arshavin 的

Arsene left Arshavin on the pitch because he knew he might produce the moment
of magic that we needed - and he almost did, playing in Walcott with a lovely
pass over the top.  Had he been substituted, taking in to account he mood in
the crowd, I can say with some sadness that he would have been roundly booed.
教授把 Arshavin 放在球場是因為,知道他可能帶動我們所需要神奇的攻勢,他差點就
做到了,漂亮地過頂傳給 Theo Walcott。若是被換下來,考慮到他從球迷得到的感受,

No other set of fans sees fit to boo their players.  Had ours done so, again,
I would have felt very disappointed.  Arshavin is a great talent, and one we
want to be in form.  There’s no doubt we’re stronger when he’s on his
game.  As well as Theo and Nasri are playing at the moment, there will come a
time when we can’t rely on them.  Discarding Arshavin would be a mistake.
 Arsene knows that.  And the fans should too.
Arshavin 有著極佳的天賦,也是我們所需要的球員。當他狀態好時,無疑地我們也會更
強大。如同現在的 Theo 和 Nasri 狀態正好,但也不能在他們狀態不佳時依賴他們。
摒棄 Arshavin 會是個錯誤。教授深諳如此,球迷也該理解才是。

Chamakh is a better footballer than Bendtner…
Chamakh 踢得比 Bendtner 還好...
And deserves the more game time of the two.  I was amazed when the Moroccan
was withdrawn, leaving the Dane on the pitch.  Perhaps Bendtner’s bleating
means Arsene feels obliged to give him game-time.  But that shouldn’t be
allowed disrupt the pecking order: Chamakh has already shown this season that
he is arguably our most effective centre-forward.
Bendtner 一直在抱怨上場機會過少而未能貢獻,使得教授不得不給他多一點的時間。但
這不足以打破優先上場的順序:Chamakh 在本季的表現足以作為我廠最有效率的前鋒。

Cesc made a captain’s contribution…
Cesc 做出隊長的貢獻...
He came on for Alex Song, and played in a deeper position than usual.  This
allowed him to increase the team’s tempo, creating the pressure that
resulted in the equaliser.  And how about that for a cool spot-kick in the
90th minute?
他作為 Alex Song 的替補上場,並且比以往站得更後面。這使得他能加快球隊的節奏,

Theo is right to admit his dive…
Theo 誠實地承認自己假摔...
He claims it’s the one and only time he’s dived in his career, and I doubt
he has any intention of doing so again.  I for one feel referees are more
likely to admire his integrity than punish him retrospectively.  As it was,
the referee got the decision right and didn’t award a penalty for the
alleged ‘dive’, so there was no harm done.

Huddersfield at home is a great draw…
主場迎擊 Huddersfield 會是一場不錯的比賽...
…if, and based on last night it’s a reasonably-sized ‘if’, we can
overcome Leeds at Elland Road.
...如果,基於前晚的表現不得不強調“如果”,我們能在 Elland Road 擊敗 Leeds 的話

Arsene may have to buy after all…
教授 可能不得不買人...
Apparently Sebastien Squillaci picked up a hamstring problem on Saturday.  If
it’s serious, he might have to move quickly for some cover at centre-half.
Sebastien Squillaci 在週六的比賽弄傷了肌腱。若傷勢嚴重,教授 得儘速引進球員來

Next up Ipswich…
…who were battered 7-0 at Stamford Bridge this weekend.  It’ll be
interesting to see what sort of team we field: you’d imagine it to be a
similar line-up to last night, with perhaps one or two more senior personnel
coming in.  Two games from Wembley…
在上週於 Stanford Bridge 被 Chelsea 以 7-0 慘電。令人感興趣的是,我們會以什麼
比賽後就能進 Wembley 踢聯賽盃冠軍了。


沙皇 加油!

不過 B52 這次也貢獻了關鍵助攻,使得 W14 才會有被扯倒而得到點球。
C29 的表現反而還好呢。( ̄ ̄;)

Goal! Goal! Arsenal!
We r the Champions !