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[新聞] 宮市亮(Ryo Miyaichi)初次進球

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標題 [新聞] 宮市亮(Ryo Miyaichi)初次進球
時間 Sun Feb 13 23:26:59 2011

Miyaichi v Heracles: Scouting Report & Video
by Jamie Sanderson

Young Guns http://goo.gl/8d74j

Ryo Miyaichi arrived in Rotterdam as a nobody. Fast forward three weeks, the
Feyenoord faithful have themselves a new hero. The youngster, on loan from
Arsenal, impressed again tonight, in a 2-1 win over Heracles Almelo.
宮市亮(Ryo Miyaichi)以新人身份初次在 Rotterdam 登場。短短的三週內,Feyenoord
球迷迎來了新的英雄。自 Arsenal 以租借身份來到的年輕球員,今晚再顯不凡身手,並
助隊以 2-1 擊敗 Heracles Almelo。

Miyaichi’s rise has been nothing short of incredible. An unknown who had
failed a trial at FC Koln months earlier, he turned in mixed reviews during
two trial games in the summer. He then broke his leg during a trial with Ajax,
but was eventually signed by the Gunners in a protracted transfer.
宮市亮(Miyaichi)的成長快得難以置信。默默無名的他早先在 FC Koln 試訓未能通過,
接著在夏季的兩次試訓中得到優劣參半的評價。他在 Ajax 試訓時腳骨受傷,但最後被
槍手 以長期合同簽下。
(上面這一段的翻譯帶有主觀的揣測,因不清楚詳細情形,若有誤請指正。Thanks :) )

The winger, who had only ever played Japanese University football, showed
true class on his Eredivisie debut last week, winning the Man of the Match
award in a 1-1 draw with Vitesse Arnhem. It was his first professional start.
這名只踢過日本大學足球(*註)邊鋒,上週在荷甲初登場時大展身手,於 1-1 平 Vitesse
Arnhem 的賽事中榮膺最佳球員(MotM)。同時也是第一次參與職業級別球賽。
註:日本有J1(甲組), J2(乙組)足球聯賽,而大學足球不屬於職業級別。

Ryo lined up on the left of a front three again this evening, as 46,000 fans
packed out Feyenoord’s De Kuip stadium. The game started slowly, with the
18-year-old looking a little daunted by the cauldron of noise.
宮市亮 下午再次擔任三前線的左邊鋒,同時 Feyenoord 的 De Juip 球場擠滿四萬六千
名球迷。比賽開始時步調緩慢,而這名 18歲的小將看來像是被場上的噪音給震懾。

That said, Miyaichi did create the first real chance of the game. He came in
off the touchline, showed some neat foot work and then shot just wide of the
far post. It seemed to give him a much needed boost of confidence.

Indeed, minutes later, Feyenoord had opened the scoring. Diego Biseswar
skipped away down the wing, he looked up, spotted Miyaichi and picked him
out. Ryo chested the ball down, shifted possession from his right foot to his
left, and drilled home. It was a super goal, showing a number of his
事實上,就在數分鐘後,Feyenoord 踢進開局進球。Diego Biseswar 帶球進入邊翼區,
瞄準並傳給 宮市亮(Miyaichi)。宮市亮(Ryo)以胸口停球,快速將球從右向左變換,射

Everybody had been sucked into the penalty area, expecting a low cross, but
Ryo held his run and intelligently found space. The first touch, control and
composure on the finish, all brilliant.
當時對方都已經回撤到禁區,也猜想會是低吊傳中,但 宮市亮(Ryo) 利用機智的跑位找

He should have had a second moments after. He accelerated away from two
Heracles players on the wing, then beat another with some step overs, before
unleashing a 20 yard pile driver, just tipped over. As half time approached,
he did a similar thing again, but instead of shooting, he crossed. The ball
worked its way out to the edge of the box to Biseswar. He cut inside and
curled home number two.
後來他本可踢進第二顆進球。當時在邊側閃過兩名 Heracles 球員,並以跨步變向閃過
,但選擇做出吊中傳球。球被擋出落到禁區一側的 Biseswar,後者以帶球切入並踢進弧線

Half time arrived with chants of “Ryo, Ryo, Ryo” echoing all over the De
Kuip stadium.
到了中場休息時間,全場無一不是高喊著"Ryo, Ryo, Ryo",迴響在 De Kuip 球場間。

The second half was a much more even and open affair. Feyenoord were on the
ropes after conceding just before the break, but used Miyaichi’s pace via
counter attacks well. A chipped ball into the box combined with a brilliant
cross field pass showed he isn’t all about offering a direct threat.
Feyenoord 形勢略顯不利,但也得益於 宮市亮(Miyaichi) 的速度來打反擊戰術。在禁區

Ryo began to tire from the 70 minute mark onwards. However, he continued to
put a shift in, closing down the goalkeeper on two occasions and almost
picking out a man out to score after Luc Castaignos rounded the ‘keeper. He
also won two free-kicks late on which wasted key time.
宮市亮(Ryo) 在第70分鐘起開始略顯疲憊。然而,他仍繼續殺入禁區,兩次逼近對方門
將,以及 Luc Castaignos 閃過門將被後衛擋出後有一次機會射門。也在稍後贏下兩次

The full time whistle couldn’t come quick enough for Feyenoord, who pick up
more important points in their attempts to avoid relegation.
終場哨聲來得有點太晚,對於 Feyenoord 來說,亟需這寶貴的積分來確保避開降級。


Miyaichi showed once more what an exciting prospect he is. A natural winger,
he can play on either winger and is totally comfortable with either foot. His
best assets are his electric pace, agility, skills and lovely close control.
宮市亮 一再地展現令人期待的表現。具備邊鋒的特質,能在兩翼進攻且能善用左右腳。

Tactically he seems decent, but could use some work and while he is a good
height, a lack of physical power is an issue. However, he does fight for the
ball, isn’t afraid to track back and works very, very hard. A young man with
a very bright future in the game.


FEYENOORD 2 - 1 heracles


宮市亮 進球前的助攻球員 Diego Biseswar 反而令我印象深刻阿!!XDD

小亮 還有很長的路要走,期許他穩健地成長並回到槍手發揮長才。

Goal! Goal! Arsenal!
We r the Champions !